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Olympic Entertainment Group Winds Up Belarusian Subsidiary Estonian gambling operator Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) announced that it has finalized the liquidation of Olympic Casino Bel IP, known to be its Belarusian black diamond casino review subsidiary today. The business explained in a quick declaration on its site that the liquidation came included in the group’s work to regulate its structure. OEG further remarked that the liquidation process will maybe not black diamond casino events affect its general economic activities. The announcement comes just times after it became known that the casino operator will have to shut several of its gaming venues into the historic center of Riga, the main city and largest city of Latvia. Under a newly introduced black diamond casino mobile ban, all gambling halls in the region but few located in resort hotels will have to be shuttered within a five-year duration. OEG stated in a declaration that seven of its venues, those slots that are being, is going to be closed as a result through the ban. It’s still unknown whenever exactly the ban are imposed, nevertheless the black diamond casino slots casino operator pointed out that it will not be before 2022 when its properties […] Read More

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